Our Bakery

Our very popular cinnamon and cardamom buns are baked fresh daily and so, we tend to sell out quickly. If you’d like to bring six or more of our buttery buns home or give them as a gift, then make an order here (internal link).

The buns are made entirely from organic ingredients. From the fundamental elements of baking like the flour and sugar as well as the eggs, milk and butter to the freshly ground cardamom and Ceylon cinnamon.

We also make sure to use organic ingredients in our homemade sourdough rye bread. The bread is used as the base for the smørrebrød on the menu, but you can also bring a loaf home to create your own dish. The bread lasts for five days and freezes very well.

The ingredient list for the bread consists of water, rye flour, cracked rye, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds, salt and rye malt flour. The bread is a great example of Selma’s co-owner and chef, Anna’s, love for natural baking. Stone-milled organic flour allows the bread to retain rich vitamins and minerals. The sourdough culture provides a living environment for the bread to be healthful, filling and full of rich and developed flavor. The great taste is achieved in five steps and a process that takes a total of 35 hours.

A natural process is taken with great care for all the baking done at Selma’s. Each pastry, cake and pie is made with fresh and mainly organic ingredients. Our baked goods display often includes treats that are vegan, naturally sweetened and suitable for those with a gluten intolerance.

If you’re planning a celebration, we are always up for creating the perfect cakes to compliment the event. Take a look at the options we have available for online orders (internal link) to add some Nordic sweetness to your next gathering!