Our Coffee

We have our coffee supplied by Stooker Roasting Company. The guys at Stooker take the craft of coffee roasting very seriously - but serious is not their nature. Instead, they are always cracking jokes and excited to share what they know about coffee and their process.

The espresso that we serve at Selma’s is courtesy of Stooker’s Motto blend. This blend of Brazil - Paraiso Natural (60%) and Ethiopia - Reko (40%) produces a medium to full body taste but it is the sweet chocolate tones and gentle acidity that make this blend a knock-out cup of coffee. When the espresso is used in a cappuccino or latte, the flavors develop a rich, caramel-like taste.

The filter that bubbles out of our Moccamaster is Stooker’s Reko. The origin of these beans comes all the way from Yirgachette, Ethiopia. The flavor of the filter is subtle with pleasurable notes of peach, bergamot and lime.

We have recently introduced Decaf at Selma’s. For this, Stooker created a roast with origins from Marcela, Honduras. The flavor is that of sugared nuts and chocolate.

Come to Selma’s for a cup of coffee to enjoy with a treat or lunch or take it away. We also have bags of Stooker’s beans for you to take home.