Our food

At Selma’s we use the best ingredients that we can get our hands on. We focus on making sure that any of the animal products we use like milk, butter and eggs are organic. In fact, our eggs are delivered fresh directly from a local farm.

The food at Selma’s is created almost entirely in-house and we believe wholeheartedly that fresh, natural cooking makes better tasting dishes. That’s why we incorporate Nordic preserving methods so that each element of the meal is rich in flavor and care. Not only do we do our own pickled onions, red onion and beetroot - we also cure the gravlax ourselves.

Gravlax is a traditional Nordic way of preserving fish. The cured salmon on our menu comes from a family brining recipe of sugar, salt, white pepper and dill. The fish is then very thinly sliced creating ribbons of rich flavor. Speaking about salmon, we also smoke salmon in the restaurant’s small backyard. That richly smoked salmon ends up as a side to your scrambled eggs or placed in the Smoked Salmon bowl with fresh greens and our homemade horseradish cream.

The dishes you’ll enjoy at Selma’s are made with respect for the traditions of Nordic cooking but created for a contemporary palate. Come eat with us!