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Do you have a birthday coming up? Wanna surprise your co-workers at the afternoon meeting? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself real good! Either way you can pre order our delicious cake and buns and we will have them ready for you to pick up at your chosen time!

Pre-orders need to be made 15.00 at the latest, the day before pick up!



Online we only take orders for a minimum of 6 buns and the order has to be made 24h before pick up. If you want less then 6 buns and know you can only come in the afternoon, don’t worry just give the pick up location a call and we will put them away for you. 


If you order 10n buns or more you get a 10% discount and if you want to order 25 or more, please send us a catering request and we will get back to you with a special price.


Kanelbullar - € 3,95

Our take of the Nordic cinnamon bun; a yeasted wheat dough made with freshly ground cardamom and filling made of butter, sugar and real Ceylon cinnamon

DSCF4322 - Neneh Reza Verburg.jpg

Kardemummabullar - € 3,95

Made from the same dough as the cinnamon buns, but with cardamom/sugar/butter fillings & topped with pumpkin seeds.


Plantbased kanelbullar - € 3,95

Same deliciousness as our regular cinnamon but with plant-based  butter and oat milk


We have fresh bread for sale every day but if you want a larger amount please make sure to order 24h in advance and 48h for rye bread.


Danish style rye - € 5,95


Rye Sourdough starter. 80% whole grain rye. 20% fine rye flour.

Cracked rye, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds & salt.


Stockholm Levain

Wheat sourdough starter, 100% wheat flour, salt.

1kg 8.50


Seeded Levain - € 4,50

500g Wheat sourdough starter, 25% whole grain wheat, 75% wheat, salt

sesame & flaxseeds

If you are missing something here & would like to pre-order 
some of the other pastries we offer. Please contact us on

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