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Selma's is ran by Anna, a Swedish/Finnish baker with a passion for natural baking and Jorrit, a Dutch business mind that is always looking for how to make things gezellig.


Ossian joined the team in 2019 and is every dogs best friend and mainly focused on emptying the bun and cookie supply. He is eager to help in the kitchen by emptying the flour containers.


Let it snow!



Selma was Anna's grandmother and a real power woman. She opened a cafe in Helsinki in her sixties and created a cultural following for over twenty years.


She became famous for her delicious food and baked goods. Anna has so many sunny memories of sitting at her grandmothers cafe in the summertime at Helsinki's

"Töölöntori" eating "posso" or all the other delicious things Selma would make.

Her recipes were passed through the family and now, Anna is furthering Selma's influence - developing traditional Nordic recipes for a contemporary palate.


At Selma's we choose not to have a set menu. We do this to reduce food waste, we also just like to switch it up.

Expect high quality sandwiches where everything from spreads to breads are made in-house. We also make quiches and of course a always a wide assortment of pastries. We work on a small scale and want to create high quality food while offering a good price.


We keep it rotating - but your favourites will come back.


We love making use of local, seasonal, and if possible organic ingredients.

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